Although Singapore is very small in size, the country has a booming and extremely stable economy. Singapore is considered among the top educational destinations in the world. Two of the Singaporean public universities- Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS)- are ranked top 3 in Asia and both ranked 11th in QS World University Rankings in 2020. This attract students from all over the world to enrol in Singapore’s universities and earn a world-class degree, ranked alongside other elite institutions in the UK and USA.

Besides, Singapore has been named as Garden City because the streets are lined with trees. There are so many green parks designed all around the island. The city is very clean and has very strict punishments for people who litter around (a fine of SGD 1000 if you litter for the first time and a fine of SGD 5000 if you repeat the offence). The crime rates are low, the streets are safe - even late in the night. Can the country sound any more appealing? Study in Singapore to experience a high standard of living!